Genetic Discrimination

Genetic testing can be extremely personal for individuals. Discrimination against those who chose to not take a genetic test or disclose the results of a previous test can carry a heavy criminal punishment: a fine up to a million dollars or a 5-year prison sentence. The Court system must develop and change as quickly …

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Extreme Intoxication Levels

Extreme levels of intoxication is a common occurrence in the criminal justice system. A recent lower Court decision could allow loss of control due to intoxication to be used as a defence. While some groups are criticizing the decision, others say that this defence will be difficult to prove in Court and will not …

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Rights of Sex Workers

The Court system is constantly evolving to better suit the needs of Canadians. Landmark decisions that drastically change the Court system will first be heard at the Provincial Courts. It is important for law professionals to think of new ways to better protect individuals at risk.

Providing Legal Aid to Those in Need

Access to the Court system is an important right for all Canadians. There is a fine line between balancing the Court’s efficiency and providing legal assistance to those who need aid. It is important for legal experts to identify issues in regards to changes made to the Court system.

Impaired Driving Carries Heavy Penalties

Impaired driving carries heavy punishments and can result in significant jail time. Marco Muzzo was previously sentenced to 10 years in prison following an accident that left four dead. A similar case is now pending in Toronto. A list of common criminal offences and their punishments can be found at:

COVID-19’s Impact on the Court System

COVID-19 has created a backlog for the Courts. The delay caused in criminal courts probably falls into the “exceptional circumstances” exception in R. v. Jordan SCC. Most summary criminal matters must conclude within 18 months from the date of charge.

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