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December: Recent SCC Decisions

Credit to the team at Supreme Advocacy Criminal Law: Homicide Hafizi v. R., 2019 ONCA 2 (40250) The Applicant went out with friends to an Ottawa nightclub in the Byward Market. While there, they clashed with a group of men. This led to an altercation. The Applicant was told to leave the nightclub. Sixteen minutes later, …

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March: Recent SCC Decisions

Criminal Law: Charter “Testimony” Cameron v. R., 2020 ABCA 276 (39444)The Applicant, Mr. Cameron, was the President, Secretary, and sole director of VTI, an Alberta company which he incorporated in 2002. In 2005, the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) determined VTI violated securities law by distributing securities to British Columbia residents without complying with …

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February: Recent SCC Decisions

Criminal Law: Right to Counsel R. v. Dussault, 2020 QCCA 746 (39330) The Respondent, Patrick Dussault, was arrested for murder and arson. Before his trial, he moved to exclude from the evidence an incriminating statement he had made to the police while being questioned; the reason he gave was the statement had been obtained as the …

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January: Recent SCC Decisions

Recent Supreme Court of Canada and Appeals Courts decision synopses graciously authored and provided by Professor Eugene Meehan and Supreme Advocacy LLP. The full website is accessible at  Criminal Law: Aiding & Abetting Cowan v. R., 2020 SKCA 77 (39301) Following a trial before a judge sitting alone, Mr. Cowan (appellant on the appeal as of right/Respondent on the …

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