Offences of a sexual nature involve illegal conduct that includes non-consensual sexual acts and exploitation. The legal system may impose harsh punishments for these crimes, including incarceration and compulsory sex offender registration.

Sexual Offences Include:

Driving Offences


Driving offences include a variety of illegal actions, from driving under the influence to fleeing from police authority. Individuals convicted of these offences might face penalties such as driving prohibitions, fines, or imprisonment.

Driving Offences Include:

Criminal Harassment


Criminal harassment is defined as knowingly or recklessly harassing another person in a way that causes them to reasonably fear for their safety. A section 810 Criminal Code peace bond is a common resolution for such cases but a wide range of sentences are possible for criminal harassment.



Homicide includes allegations ranging from manslaughter to murder and is likely the most serious offence in the Criminal Code. Those accused of homicide are faced with the prospect of a significant period of incarceration and sage legal counsel from a lawyer is essential to determining possible defences.

Fraud Charges


Fraudulent activities, designed to secure financial or other advantages through deceit, can lead to significant consequences for the perpetrators, such as hefty penalties, orders for compensation, and prison sentences, underscoring the critical nature of honesty in financial and personal dealings.

Fraud Charges Include:

Drug Offences


Drug charges cover a broad spectrum from simple possession to large-scale distribution of controlled substances. Those convicted may face significant fines, compulsory participation in treatment programs, or jail time, emphasizing the focus on safeguarding public health and law and order.

Drug Charges Include:

Weapons & Firearms


The Criminal Code criminalizes several firearms-related offences including, but not limited to, possession of a firearm, improper storage, carrying a concealed firearm, and others. The federal government introduced mandatory minimum sentences for several firearms-related offences and there have been recent amendments to many of these laws. Crown prosecutors treat firearms offences seriously given the nexus between firearms, organized crime, and public safety issues. A lawyer can help identify the possible consequences of a firearms charge.

Property Crimes


Crimes against property, like break-ins, theft, and defacement, focus on offences against physical property. The consequences for these crimes can range significantly but may involve fines, community service, and imprisonment, serving both to remedy the loss and prevent further offences.

Property Crimes Include:

Assault Charges


Charges of assault are levied for physical attacks or credible threats of violence towards others. The penalties can vary in severity but may include orders of protection, financial penalties, and terms of imprisonment.

Assault Charges Include:

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