Hiring a Lawyer

Question: How much does it cost to hire a lawyer?

It depends. Every lawyer and law firm is different. You will need to discuss legal fees with the lawyer you hire. Some lawyers charge a fixed fee for service while others may bill you by the hour.

Question: Aside from lawyers’ fees, what costs are involved?

The additional costs depend on the agreement you reach with the lawyer or law firm you hire. Some lawyers charge clients for the payment of any costs incurred during the course of the case. These are called “disbursements” and include things as varied as costs incurred for mail, court filing fees (if any), travel costs (if the Court engagement is out of town), and photocopying fees etc.

GST and PST (depending on the province) typically apply to legal fees and disbursements and these are often added to all bills.

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Question: How long will my case take?

In short, it depends on:

  • Nature of the charges
  • Amount of disclosure (evidence and material from police)
  • Overall complexity
  • Availability of court time

Many cases will take at least several months to obtain disclosure and proceed with sentencing if things move quickly. On the long end, cases can drag out for years if a trial occurs or if there are appeals involved.

Each case is different and factors that affect how long things take include how quickly the police and prosecutors provide relevant evidence (“disclosure”) and the availability of Court time and witnesses. The Court process can be arduous.

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