Categories of Solicitation Offences

Obstructing or Impeding Traffic: Section 213 (1) of the Criminal Code prohibits interfering with the smooth passage of pedestrian or vehicular traffic in an area that's either publicly accessible or easily observable by the public with the intent of offering, procuring, or obtaining sexual services for payment. This encompasses actions such as attempting to halt vehicles and restricting access to structures.

Engaging in Communication for Sexual Services in Exchange for Consideration: It is deemed a criminal act under section 213 (1.1) of the Criminal Code to converse with any individual – for the purpose of offering or providing sexual services for a fee – in a public space, or in any place visible to the public, that is situated close to a school area, playground, or childcare centre.

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Decoding Solicitation Offences

Public Location, s. 213 (2): This includes any place where the public can enter, either by right or through explicit or implicit invitation, and any automobile situated in a public space or in any place visible to the public.

Communication: There's no necessity for a clear-cut agreement between a sex worker and a client. Nor is there a requirement for the explicit mention of specific sexual services or the amount of remuneration.

What needs to be established is that the defendant intended to participate in prostitution or to procure the sexual services of a sex worker. This intent can be deduced from the situation and the nature of the communication.

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Sentencing and Potential Penalties for Soliciting

Stopping or impeding traffic and communicating to provide sexual services for consideration are treated as summary offences. The maximum penalty for both offences is two years less a day imprisonment and/or $5,000 fine.

Available Dispositions for Soliciting

  • Discharge
  • Suspended sentence
  • Stand-alone Fine
  • Custody
  • Custody and Probation
  • Custody and Fine
  • Conditional Sentence

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