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Canada Criminal Lawyer is a resource for clients facing criminal charges and for lawyers looking for client leads. Clients can reach a lawyer by calling the toll free number referenced on the website. Each Canadian area code is serviced by one lawyer.

The free case law database makes it easy for lawyers to quickly find the leading precedents they need on topics that are fundamental to criminal law; from charter issues to substantive topics.


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Canada Criminal Lawyer was developed by a criminal defence lawyer with over 12 years of criminal practice experience. The main goal is to bridge the informational divide between clients and lawyers!

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Your first 2 months as a member of Canada Criminal Lawyer are FREE! After your first 2 months, you’ll pay a small monthly fee to continue to benefit from Canada Criminal Lawyer’s advertising efforts, informative resources, and local exclusivity.

No, only one lawyer receives calls for each area code. Furthermore, if you are the closest defence lawyer, consultation requests outside your service area will also be given to you.

To receive updated information on available service areas, please contact Canada Criminal Lawyer.


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