Illegal Cannabis Operations In Canada

In October 2018, the Canadian Cannabis Act came into effect, legalizing the substance on a federal scale. The Act established a strict framework in which cannabis would be controlled across Canada. This includes rules for the sale, possession, production, and distribution of all marijuana products. Why Was The Cannabis Act Established? The legalization of …

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Social Distancing Tickets

Like traffic tickets, there are many people who wish to fight tickets that were issued for violating social distancing rules. Even though many of these tickets may not have been issued fairly, they may be difficult to fight in Court. Barriers such as hiring a lawyer or finding Court time can make the process …

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Satellite Courtrooms

The criminal justice system needs to resume trials for criminal matters despite the continued need for social distancing. The Supreme Court of Nova Scotia has secured large spaces that will allow jury trials to continue safely. Small Courtrooms around the country have delayed many trials due to their small size, but the Courts are …

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Organized crime can take many forms. Even seemingly minor acts of crime can quickly evolve into a societal issue if the occurrence of such crimes is not watched. While it is important for policing services to keep organized crime under control, it is also important to remember that these actions may unintentionally target groups …

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Predictive Policing Tools

Advances in artificial intelligence have allowed for many different organizations to more accurately predict human behaviour. These predictive tools are being used by policing agencies around the world. While Canada may not be using these tools to predict crime as often as other countries, it is important to remember that these new predictive tools …

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3D Printers

Criminal activities continue to change and evolve as technology improves. In a first of its kind case in Alberta, a man is being charged with the illegal production of fire arm parts using a 3D printer. 3D printers have enabled some people to produce their own functioning gun parts. Law enforcement teams continue to …

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Minor Drug Possession Charges

COVID-19 restrictions have caused many people who suffer from opioid or other substance addictions to not receive proper support. Some officials have called for the federal government to decriminalize hard drugs. Federal prosecutors have been told to only prosecute serious drug possession offences and to look for sentencing alternatives outside of the criminal justice …

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Stampeding Lawyers

COVID-19 has prompted the Court system to re-evaluate how trials and jury trials will take place in order to properly maintain social distancing. While some cities are exploring the use of civic centres or hotels, Calgary will take advantage of the existing structures previously used for the Calgary Stampede.

Conditional Sentences

Changes to the Criminal Code from 2012 have been deemed unconstitutional by the Ontario Court of Appeal. This decision marks an important moment for the Courts as sentencing Judges will have another way to protect certain groups from systemic discrimination. While this decision was made with the unique circumstances of Aboriginal offenders in mind, …

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Genetic Discrimination

Genetic testing can be extremely personal for individuals. Discrimination against those who chose to not take a genetic test or disclose the results of a previous test can carry a heavy criminal punishment: a fine up to a million dollars or a 5-year prison sentence. The Court system must develop and change as quickly …

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