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A criminal charge is a serious matter. Your ability to travel, get a job and your reputation are at stake. Speak to us at no charge before you speak to the police. Most people charged with criminal offences will get a criminal record. We will provide you with a free initial consultation and will make your rights our priority.

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Many different sorts of defences exist. Please speak a lawyer, free of charge, to determine whether you might have an argument. Please consult the Can You Beat the Charges page to see possible defences, resources and other materials which may be of help.

Those convicted of criminal offences sometimes have to pay large fines and court surcharges. Your lawyer might also charge you for out of pocket expenses known as "disbursements". This includes things like the cost of travel and printing. Many lawyers bill by the hour but some will offer a flat or fixed fee for service. Talk to your lawyer about what arrangement works best!

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It could be a month or it could be years. It depends on the complexity of your case, available court time and other factors. Simple cases without a trial can normally be wrapped up within a few months. Complex cases that require a trial could take much longer. Your lawyer can help time things so that your case doesn't drag on too long.

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